About Leg Ulcer Rehabilitation

Dr JZ de Wit is a medical doctor who specialises only in the treatment and rehabilitation of acute and chronic ulcers of the legs.

The treatment of these ulcers is not a quick fix but involves the full cooperation of the patient and the caregiver over a period of time and sometimes the involvement of other specialities.

This practice does not interfere with the treatment of the patient's family doctor or clinic or any other condition the patient suffers from.

All and even minor complaints other than the leg ulcer must be dealt with by the patient's family physician/clinic.

Patients are seen on a first come, first seen basis and no appointments are made.

Waiting room times can sometimes be quite long but the low cost of treatment compensates for this inconvenience.

The treatment of leg ulcers cannot be rushed and a good outcome is always a gratifying experience.

Patients from other provinces and neighbouring countries must first contact us to confirm that the condition can be treated and to prevent unnecessary travel expenses.

* We do not treat superficial veins, for example, varicose veins or spider veins etc.

*This is not a vein clinic.

*We do not treat pressure sores (bed sores) except if they are on the lower leg.

*We do not treat car accident cases or IOD (injury on duty) cases

*This is not a general practice (family practice)